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AKFAvatar is a fancy graphical user interface for applications, where an avatar appears on the screen, and tells things to the user written in a balloon. There can also be recorded audio files, so that the user even can hear, what it is saying.

With AKFAvatar you can easily write cross platform applications. Applications for AKFAvatar can be written in Lua. Lua scripts even don't need to be compiled for the target platform, you just need Lua-AKFAvatar as runtime environment there.

It has an interface for C programs. Furthermore there is a binding for Free Pascal. Those applications have to be compiled for the different target platforms.

AKFAvatar already comes with quite a few ready to use applications and modules. There is for example a text-viewer, a module to make question-answer exercises and there are many more things you could do with it…

For POSIX-compatible operating systems there is a manpage viewer, and there is even a terminal emulator. So you can run many existing terminal based programs in this fancy environment.

Please check out the Max and Maurice Demo!

AKFavatar is Free Software. Free Software is about freedom, not price. Free Software means, users have the freedom to run it for any purpose, to read the source code and to change it to their needs, and to redistribute copies with or without changes. But the source code has always to be kept available, or those freedoms wouldn't be given anymore.

Applications written using AKFAvatar must also be Free Software under the same license, if they are published. (They don't need to be published.)

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Executable programs and libraries/modules:
These can be used from any directory. Lua is integrated. To compile C or Pascal programs for AKFAvatar, you have to install from the source code package, though.
Additional Software:
Hint: press F11 for fullscreen-mode and Pause for a pause.
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Notes about the license:

¹ Items marked with ¹ are not relevant for Windows.

AKFAvatar was inspired by cowsay. (Comparison with cowsay)

AKFAvatar has nothing to do with the film “Avatar”. The name was chosen long before I heard of that film project.